Dear Mr Morrison (an open letter to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection)

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Dear Mr Morrison,

I have read on several occasions that you identify William Wilberforce as one of your heroes.  Wilberforce is also one of my heroes.  Not least among the reasons for this, is his persistence in letter writing to government officials, to call for the humane treatment of people who were oppressed.  He wrote letters for twenty years before slavery was abolished in England.  I have been writing to you regarding your cruel and inhumane asylum seeker policies and operations for almost five months now.  I hope you are prepared for the next nineteen-and-a-half years of letters you will receive from me, should you remain in office that long.

I have appealed to you on matters of language.

Article 31 of the UN Refugee Convention says that, while it is usually illegal to enter a country without a valid visa, it is NOT to be considered as illegal, if it…

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Wah, wah, wah; I ‘ve got sand in my mangina.

I really don’t get why politicians go into the public domain and then complain when citizens critique decisions made on our behalf without any form of consultation. It appears that in Queensland, if someone exercises their democratic right to about complain about a government’s course of action on a billboard, that this gives the politician the right to ring the billboard company and try to bully them into taking it down.

This occurred today, Wednesday 26 February 2014, according to the action group Not4Sale, who oppose the sale of taxpayer assets to corporations (those crazy mixed up kids). I can almost hear the strategy meeting in Attorney General Jarrod Blieijie’s office this morning.

B: Those arseholes at Not4Sale are at it again and they’re startin’ to really piss me orf”

Advisor: Yes Minister, but there isn’t much we can do about that given that they aren’t slanderous or libelous claims.

B: You’re just not finking laterally enough. I know, I’ll ring up the billboard company and tell em to take it down, because I can”.

Advisor: With greatest respect, you can’t actually do that Attorney General, because people living in a democracy have a right to complain.

B: I always knew you were a lefty pinko – you’re sacked.

It is happening at the federal level too.

“The ABC are picking on us by reporting what is really occurring on Manus Island, so we’ll knee cap (review) them.”

Ya big sooky lah lahs, let me call you a wah-ambulance.

These guys know they are in trouble and they are lashing out like loony rabies-riddled dogs. The Trans Pacific Partnership, secret back room deals in awarding contracts to Manus Island, gagging laws in Victoria, removal of rights to association in Queensland through VLAD Legislation – and the list continues to grow. Our rights are being syphoned away at a staggering pace and a lot of people might think that this doesn’t affect them.

Consider this; if you know and/or love anyone who is a doctor, a fireman, a paramedic, a lawyer, an artist, a nurse, a teacher, a single mum, a non-Murdoch journalist, an ABC employee, an environmentalist, a scientist, a librarian, a university employee, a tradesperson, a refugee or any worker then you and yours are under attack.

Prediction: The push for control of the internet will gather pace; just you wait. Blind Freddy could see that the internet ‘protection’ lobby is a full frontal attack on our privacy and our democratic right to free speech. They want to be able to track down dissidents and digitally rape them. Then it is all of us, or at least every internet user.

One of the things we Australians pride ourselves on is our sense of a fair go for everyone. We are a pretty laid back people but I wouldn’t want to be the politicians who push us too far. It didn’t work out too well for the Victorian government in 1854 when our modern democracy was born in Ballarat at the Eureka stockade. Real orstryans will only take so much shit before we collectively get cross enough to kick the bastards out.

An estimated 25,000 Orstrayans gathered on Sunday night to protest the treatment of asylum seekers in Australian detention centres, where our government thinks it is okay to imprison children or hire a Sri Lankan ex-General to ‘protect’ Sri Lankan refugees – where a man can be trampled to death by guards and no-one gets fired.

The Aussies who went out in force on Sunday night were not all latte sipping, left-leaning, champagne sipping lefties or fire stick twirling ferals; they were mums and dads, grandmas and grandpas and kids, from every walk of life. I was there when the tide turned against Joh Bjelke Petersen’s corrupt regime and this is what I saw in Brisbane’s streets; not militant unionists or professional protestors, just everyday people who said ‘enough is enough’.

Censureship; the new censorship – without government assistance.

I’ve always wanted to insert a word into the modern vernacular and have settled on tah-dah -censureship. There is no definition of censureship available on the web. Up until now, it appears to be a misspelling of censorship so, in light of recent events, I humbly offer this definition.


Censureship -The freedom certain individuals feel to censure or ridicule others for their political or personal views aired in the public domain; without providing a scrap of evidence.

Recently, I have seen an upswing in this form to communication, particularly in the mainstream and social media. We no longer hold differing views; we bully anyone with an alternate view into submission. I caught myself doing it today to someone who doesn’t know any better. Yikes!

Originally the preserve of talk back shock jocks, it has crept into our lexicon through the back door through the normalisation of cruelty, through the gradual syphoning off of our rights; through being made to scrabble for the last crumbs off the last piece of an ever decreasing pie left to us our wealthy corporate overlords. They are winning the battle for our minds and dividing us so we are conquered before we even enter the coliseum.

I have many friends from both sides of our two party preferred political parties in Australia who assume I am on the other side. This suits me because I became a political atheist after working for both the left and the right. I witnessed their complete lack of morals and ethics and the disdain they hold for the ‘unwashed masses’; their lack of respect for laws that should apply to all of us; their farcical approach to separation of powers under the Westminster system; their craven cronyism and their slavering greed for money and power. Where are our statesmen and women?

We don’t need a government to censor us or in Victoria’s case gag us, because we have an army of Murdoch/Bolt readers and Alan Jones listeners ready to slap down anyone whose view deviates from their own. There are even memes dedicated to this topic.

One of the first actions of the Abbott government was to reform Section 18c of the Antidiscrimination Act.

(1)  It is unlawful for a person to do an act, otherwise than in private, if:

(a)  the act is reasonably likely, in all the circumstances, to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or a group of people; and

(b)  the act is done because of the race, colour or national or ethnic origin of the other personor of some or all of the people in the group.

Coincidence, or an act of political bastardry?

Now, I don’t tell anyone to stop posting interminable pictures of cats, food, their feet at beaches or their trout pout, so where in hell do they get off in telling me that Facebook isn’t to be used for political discussion? Well I say fuck off if you don’t like it, I will not be censured or censored.